6 Things to Consider when creating a Promo Video

6 Things to Consider when creating a Promo Video

Getting Started_PromoVideosSo you’re ready to get started on a brand new video. That’s great! But don’t just jump off the starting line and plan on figuring things out along the way. Take a minute to define the scope of your project first – it can save you time and money down the road, and help ensure a video you can be proud of when you are done.

Define an Objective or Goal for Your Project

You’re making a video for a reason but think about what you really want to get out of it. Or more importantly, what you want your viewers to get out of it. Having a concrete objective – like more sales or signups, or something as simple as helping others understand what you do – will help you craft a more concise message.

Choosing a Style

Whether it be animation or live action, straight-laced or over the top, “Style” can mean a lot of different things. Be careful to think of tone, pace, emotion, and other factors that will affect how your message and company will be perceived.

Video Length

Attention spans are short and we rarely recommend a video longer than 2 minutes. You may want to try to cram in as much content as possible, but it’s best to be brief. Can you say the most important stuff in 60 seconds or less?

Number of Videos

If you have a lot of content it may help to break it up into a few videos. It makes it easier for the audience to digest and find the information they’re looking for. Sure you could drink 144 ounces of beer at once but maybe it’s better to just buy a twelve pack / have just one bottle at a time.

Video Budget

We all want to save money, but remember, the quality of the video you produce is going to reflect the quality of your company. Do some research and comparison and make sure you’re setting a reasonable budget to pay for a professional promo video.

Production Deadline

Everyone wants their shiny new video ASAP, but as you probably know,  good work takes time. Unless you have a specific launch date or event, we typically suggest 2-6 weeks per video for a healthy timeline.

There you have it. 6 items to consider before racing out and producing a video.

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