Lifestyle Vacations

Fun Lifestyle Vacations is the online marketing platform for members of the famous Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club & Resort.


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, began in 2002 with 200 Members and today there are more than 30,000 LHVC Members. LHVC has created a one-of-a-kind V.I.P membership, where exclusive facilities and services are offered only to Members, including a grouping of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, lounges, beach areas, specialized V.I.P transportation and more.


LHVC website was an informational overload. With over 20 separate sub-sites, guests and members usually got lost with the amount of information presented. A couple of their members wanted to use the website to promote their memebership. Xtreme teamed up with members and identified these issues that would be addressed in the new website:

  • Too much information, making it difficult to use
  • Inability for users to purchase travel online
  • Not able to streamline online booking process
  • Unable to capture leads and follow up


After 3 months of development Xtreme Websites along with client’s involvement was able to produce a custom website, that not only looks amazing to users and admins but most importantly; was able to address and provide a solution to every problem identified and obstacle encountered:

  • Modern & Responsive Design
  • Streamlined Content & Packages
  • User Registration & Travel Mgt.
  • Automated Online Booking System
  • Lead Generation & Followup System
  • SEO Optimized & Much More