Video Marketing

Latest Video Statistics you Don’t Want to Miss

Learn the latest Video Statistics that show why videos are changing user behavior and how you can benefit from it.As you can see, times has changed. Gone are the days when people used to sit to read the news via a newspaper or when phone books were used to locate local businesses.We are in an era where there is information overload as we get bombarded with emails, articles, ads, etc. on a daily basis. Is because of this that the [...]

6 Things to Consider when creating a Promo Video

So you’re ready to get started on a brand new video. That’s great! But don’t just jump off the starting line and plan on figuring things out along the way. Take a minute to define the scope of your project first - it can save you time and money down the road, and help ensure a video you can be proud of when you are done.Define an Objective or Goal for Your Project You’re making a video for a reason [...]