Website Development

How Much Does a Website Cost?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re doing research for a new website. Is your company a small business that’s looking for a foothold on the internet? Is it an E-commerce site that’s badly in need of an upgrade? Are you a marketing director for a large enterprise looking to increase reach and revenue? Maybe a non-profit who needs a web presence to more effectively communicate your mission and message? Xtreme Websites has worked with all of the above. [...]

Google Change now Rewards Mobile Optimized Websites

Is your Website Mobile Optimized?The #1 Search Engine in the world Google made a game changer announcement on April 21, 2015 that affects all website owners. In summary Google now favors websites that are mobile friendly or responsive. In other words if the user has to zoom in and pinch all the time just to be able to read your content, chances are your website will not show up on Google search results. Even if your website did before it [...]

The 7 Web Design Phases (Video)

Learn the Step-by-Step process of designing a Results-Oriented Custom Website by watching this 3 minute video! Our Process: The 7 Web Design Phases on a Custom Site.Web Design Phases #1: Analysis Every project should have a goal. Each client has different objectives in mind, whether it be increasing calls, boosting traffic or creating leads. Understanding the needs of your web design is always our first task. Once goals have been established, we dig deeper into your business. Our focus is to learn [...]