Conversion Boosters

Increase Sales with Conversion Boosters

Conversion Boosters are a powerful suite of website personalization tools that will help you target the right person at the right time to increase conversions.

Conversion Booster Types

Floating Bar

The Floating Bar is a eye-catching campaign that's located to the top or bottom of the web page that remains visible as your visitors scroll through the page. It’s an amazing way to capture visitors’ attention without be disruptive and irritating.

Best Used For:

  • Highlighting sales
  • Showcasing seasonal offers
  • Promoting time-sensitive deals
  • Asking users to subscribe to their newsletter

Lightbox Popup

A Lightbox Popup is a lightbox campaign located in the middle of the of the screen that allows you to send a targeted message at the perfect time without distractions for maximum engagement.

Best Used For:

  • Showing discount offers
  • Asking users to subscribe to their newsletter
  • Sharing an urgent message
  • Displaying an opt-in form

Full-Screen Welcome Mat

The Full-Screen Welcome Mat is a noticeable campaign that takes up the entire screen removing all distractions and gaining the users full attention. This campaign makes sure users focus on the message displayed.

Best Used For:

  • Presenting offers and coupons
  • Collecting email subscribers
  • Displaying new products and services

Slide-in Scroll Box

A Slide-in Scroll Box is effective because they are fixed to the bottom of the screen and are immediately noticeable. They catch the users eye without being a hindrance or irritating.

Best Used For:

  • Showing discount offers
  • Collecting feedback from users
  • Encouraging visitors to become more engaged
  • Highlighting related products or content

Ready To Increase Leads And Conversions?

Visibility Options

Display on

Pick were you want the Conversion Booster to display whether it's on the entire site or just specific pages.


Decide how you want the Conversion Booster to appear: immediately, delayed, and at a specific point in the content


You can choose to hide Conversion Booster for a delayed appearance or never hide it so it's always visible.

Trigger Options


Show your message to users on desktops only, tablets only, mobile only or show it to users on all devices.


Want a hyperlocal audience? Target your message to people from a specific country, state or city.

Date & Time

Running a promotion or event in the future? Schedule your message to show on a specific date and time.

# of Visits

Show a welcome message to 1 st time visitors or offer a promotion after they visit your site certain # of times.

Advanced Integrations

You can expand the functionality of your conversion boosters by integrating it with additional online marketing apps from Xtreme or from 3 rd party providers.


Show a popup at a specific time to prompt users to make an appointment.


Integrate your favorite autoresponder code to follow-up with your subscribers.


Display a countdown popup message for an upcoming event or promotion.


Show a survey popup and let your users provide you with valuable feedback.

*Other integrations may be available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

The list of use cases and triggers is literally endless. The most common way our clients use these widgets are for “announcements” and “promotions”. You can promote anything you want and use any or a combination of the many triggers to ensure the right person sees it at the right place and at the right time.
After you fill out our widget request form our designers will create a custom widget with the specifications you requested. Best of all is that these widgets will be designed to match the look and feel of your site to ensure maximum visibility and results. After the widget(s) is/are created, a support ticket will be opened in your client area showing you the details/demo for you to review and approve. If you need to make any edit requests you can simply reply to that ticket at any time.
One Conversion Booster can have a tremendous impact on your conversions, however you can have up to 4 widgets active on your account. Anything over that would be an overkill. Each conversion booster be set to show on a recurring basis (ie. yearly promotion) and can request the editing of such via support ticket.
We know that every business is different. As your business grows you may have additional needs for widgets that can provide a specific functionality for your business. These features can include: email marketing integration, survey popups, countdowns, advanced animations, etc. These and more advanced widgets can be configured by our developers according to your needs at any time at an additional cost. If you need a custom widget created, you can request a quote here.
Conversion Booster widgets are extremely effective when done right. Unless you have graphic design, web design and online marketing experience, it is best to leave the creation of these powerful widgets to the hands of our experts. Your subscription includes the creation, optimization of your widgets at no extra cost.
Not at all. When your custom widget content is added to your site, it is done through JavaScript after the page loads. This means that the rule is only triggered after all of your primary content has loaded.
The higher a rule is on the list, the higher priority it has. Only one type of action can be triggered at a time on a single page. This means that if you’ve added two actions to a page that have conflicting triggers (for examples, two actions for the same time), the action that is higher on the list will be triggered.
Conversion Boosters are included in all Premium Turnkey Website packages. If you have a lower plan you can either upgrade your plan to Premium or you can add the “Conversion Boosters Addon” to your account here.