How to Create a Google+ Business Page

How to Create a Google+ Business Page

UPDATED as of 3/30/15. Google may change their Signup process at their own discretion

Follow the Instructions below to Create a Google+ Business Page

Step 1: Choosing the Right Gmail Account

new-google-account-sign-in When choosing the Gmail account to create your company’s Google+ account you want to avoid personal emails and  choose one multiple team member have access to.

Step 2: Creating the Page

Google My Business Go to while logged in the chosen account and decide which page suits your needs best.
  1. Storefront: Actual physical store
  2. Service Area: Your business provides service for a specific area
  3. Brand: Apparel , product, team , music, and more

Step 3: Creating your New Page

Google Accounts PS: Before this page you will be prompted to search for your business in case it is already listed with Google. In that case you will be able to request access to that page

Step 4: Adding Basic Info

google-plus-page-customize-public-profile Add your profile image and company tag line.

Step 5: Sharing the Page

google-plus-personal-profile-icon The next step is optional; you can share your page via your personal profile and have it appear as a status update. You can do this step now or at the end.

Step 6: Editing the Profile

google-edit-profile On your Google+ homepage click the “Edit Profile” and it will take you to the editor.
  1. Introduction: Add a description of your business.
  2. Contact Info: Your contact information.
  3. Website: link to your website.
  4. Recommended Links: links to your blog and other social media accounts

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