New Client Dashboard Launch! (2016)

New Client Dashboard Launch! (2016)

Xtreme Websites is about to launch the biggest overhaul of its life!

On March 3, 2016 Xtreme Websites is releasing a completely renovated and interactive website which will not only utilize the latest technology in the industry but most importantly help provide a much better user experience for current clients and visitors alike.

This renovation is not like most where the look and feel of the site changes, but every design and text element has been carefully planned to help users find the services they need for their businesses, acquire it and manage it from a state of the art Client Dashboard.

Simplified Client Area

Manage Services

Stay on top of all of your purchased services through the Services section.

Order New Services (& Reorder Stationery Products)

Ordering from Xtreme Websites has never been easier. All of services and products are listed in the Order section for you to purchase or reorder.


Have a project you want us to work on and need a quote? Email us the project details and we’ll create a free estimate and post it in your My Quotes section. You can edit, decline and accept quotes, an accepted quote is transferred to invoices.


The My Invoice section lets you keep track of your billing and make payments conveniently in your client area.

 Project Management

Keep tabs on the progress of your project by checking the My Projects section in your client area. Check that status of your project and see what tasks have been done and which are next. Access or transfer important files and contact us about your project using the Project Manager.

 Request Support

Have a question or need help? The Support section gives you access to helpful resources to answer your questions or fix your problem. If you need further assistance then open a ticket that describes your issue and we’ll contact you to address your concern.


Now you can stay informed with announcements relative to your services and business thanks to the announcement banner located above your client area.

PS: If you are a current client you can already access your new Client Dashboard here:

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