New Xtreme Website Launch!

Xtreme Websites is about to launch the biggest overhaul of its life!On March 3, 2015 Xtreme Websites is releasing a completely renovated and interactive website which will not only utilize the latest technology in the industry but most importantly help provide a much better user experience for current clients and visitors alike. This renovation is not like most where the look and feel of the site changes, but every design and text element has been carefully planned to help users find [...]

The 7 Web Design Phases (Video)

Learn the Step-by-Step process of designing a Results-Oriented Custom Website by watching this 3 minute video! Our Process: The 7 Web Design Phases on a Custom Site.Web Design Phases #1: Analysis Every project should have a goal. Each client has different objectives in mind, whether it be increasing calls, boosting traffic or creating leads. Understanding the needs of your web design is always our first task. Once goals have been established, we dig deeper into your business. Our focus is to learn [...]

6 Things to Consider when creating a Promo Video

So you’re ready to get started on a brand new video. That’s great! But don’t just jump off the starting line and plan on figuring things out along the way. Take a minute to define the scope of your project first - it can save you time and money down the road, and help ensure a video you can be proud of when you are done.Define an Objective or Goal for Your Project You’re making a video for a reason [...]

10 Tips for Getting your Business Off the Ground

Successfully running your own business is a very rewarding journey, both financially and personally.However, any experienced entrepreneur will tell you that successfully getting a new business off the ground in the first place is probably the hardest part of this journey.So here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start your business if you do not want it to end up as just another statistic of start-up failure. 1. Get your first customer It is essential that you [...]

How to Create a Google+ Business Page

UPDATED as of 3/30/15. Google may change their Signup process at their own discretion Follow the Instructions below to Create a Google+ Business Page Step 1: Choosing the Right Gmail AccountWhen choosing the Gmail account to create your company’s Google+ account you want to avoid personal emails and  choose one multiple team member have access to. Step 2: Creating the PageGo to while logged in the chosen account and decide which page suits your needs best.Storefront: Actual physical store Service Area: Your business [...]

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Step 1: Creating the PageThe “Create a Page” link is at the bottom of the sign-in page on Facebook or when logged-in it’s an option of the gear on the top right corner. Step 2: Choosing the CategoryTo create a business page click on the “Local Business or Place” category located on the left. Step 3: Filling Out the FormFill out the form with your Business’ information. Step 4: The SetupThe Setup panel takes you through the basic setup of your business [...]

How to Create a Twitter Business Account

Step 1: Creating an AccountFill out the “Sign up” form and click the “Sign up for Twitter” button and then fill the “Join Twitter Today” form and click the “Create My account” button when done. Step 2: Confirming Your AccountYou need to confirm your account by clicking the link Twitter emails you. Step 3: Twitter WalkthroughThe walkthrough is optional and helps your learn how to follow other users and gives suggestion on who to follow. Step 4: Customizing Your ProfileOn your profile [...]