A&J Sells Cars

A&J Sells Cars provides quality used cars at fairly low prices to local buyers in the DC Metreo Area.


A&J Sells Cars is a division of A&J Buys Cars and is in charge of providing good to excellent level used cars to the public at fair prices. With a large variety of used car inventory, they are able to accommodate car buyers looking for a great deal.


A&J Sells Cars division did not have a proper way to showcase their car inventory. In the past they simply relied on a Excell sheet that not only was ineffective for management but also for potential buyers that were unable to learn and see specific car details they needed.


Following the success of the A&J Buys Cars website project, we were tasked with creating a modern an intuitive website that allowed management to keep inventory details on the cloud and also allow potential buyers to view all car details and pics online. 30 Days Later… Mission Accomplished! New Website Included:

  • User-Friendly Design
  • Back-end Car Management System
  • Interactive Car Listing Pages
  • Smart Vehicle Filtration System
  • User Car Listing Tool
  • Much More