Puntzan Canopy

Puntzan Canopy is an outdoor adventure company that specializes in Canopy Tours. They are one of the most touristic place in Baños Ecuador.


Puntzan Canopy is an outdoor adventure company that specializes in Canopy Tours. With an amazing landscape and a variety of adventures, they have become the favorite place for adventure seekers in Baños Ecuador.


Even though Puntzan Canopy is well known in their town on Ecuador, they had little to no online presence needed to attract international tourists. After one of our staff member visited their location on vacation, he saw the potential they had and how much business they were missing by not having a Results-Driven Website. After communicating with the owners about this our Online Reputation Audit revealed the following:

  • Website had an outdated design with many errors
  • Website was not responsive and did not look good on mobile
  • Their positive Tripadvisor presence was not showcased at all
  • Owners were collecting reviews on a book
  • Clients were not able to purchase tickets online
  • Clients were not able to schedule adventures online
  • No way to access website backend or track results


After connecting several times through online meetings, we discovered even more opportunities and revenue being lost because of a lack of a professional online presence. We provided the client with a detailed roadmap that was designed to not only solve the client’s website issues but provide an overall boost to their business through a one of kind website that:

  • Included modern, responsive and interactive design
  • Allowed clients to purchase tickets online
  • Allowed clients to book adventures online
  • Provided seamless online review generation
  • Provided multi-language functionality
  • Allowed owners total access to content & statistics

The new adventure website will be the central hub that will collect all of the leads and sales that will come from several online and offline marketing channels. This allows the client to have complete a strong foundation for future growth.