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From: Roberto Diaz – Founder & CEO of Xtreme Websites

Re: How technology is helping some businesses and affecting others

Dear Business Owner,

It is crazy how FAST technology is changing our daily lives. Just look around you and you’ll see how dependent we’ve become on the internet and search engines to find what we want, including online products and local services.

Working with hundreds of businesses, small and large, I’ve witnessed how difficult it is for a lot of business owners to adjust and incorporate the advancements of technology and automation consulting to their business operations. What is worst, many are experiencing a decline because of it.

“In today’s world, if you are not innovating and automating your business, you are falling behind! If not ask Nokia.”

You see, it pains me to see when business owners:

Wander aimlessly though millions of search results to find the next best software or tool

Do that for each system of their business… CRM, billing, support, project management, etc.

Find a way to fit in their “new part-time job” learning all the software features and technical details.

Think up yet another new username and password combo for each new online system (text files and sticky notes are not really hacker proof)

Fend off “brain freeze” entering the same client information over and over on each system as they don’t talk to each other.

Fill out form after form on paper to transfer client data to your system. (scanning and shredding doesn’t save much time either)

Having their assistant learn HTML so he/she could add some updates to the company site. (chances are he/she is not a web designer so the work will show that)

Spend countless hours adding stuff to their website and have no visitors show up (worst off, having no idea about their website analytics)

Spend hundreds (and thousands) of dollars a month and not knowing exactly what was the conversion rate and ROI of their marketing.

You are about to meet your new best friend ….

An Xtreme Automation Freak is waiting to help you run your business on Auto-Pilot better than Tesla

This is me:

I’m the founder and CEO of Xtreme Websites, an all-in-one website design and online marketing agency. With the help of my small but dynamic team we’ve lead the company to emerge as one of the most progressive Online Branding & Marketing digital agencies in the State of Maryland.

Contrary to some people’s belief, I’m not a web development guy, design guy, or marketing guy. I’m an automation freak! I got into this business because I love using technology and predictable systems to automate all parts of my business. It’s in my blood.

For the past 7 years we’ve worked tirelessly analyzing and deploying dozens upon dozens of automation systems, business software, website branding, online marketing tools and more to help our business and our clients’ to:

Free employees from boring repetitive tasks

Increase Conversion Rate of product/service Sales

Reduce new employee training using automated systems

Complete the staff’s daily tasks in half the time

Increase the Rate of Return of Marketing Strategies

Save thousands of dollars a year on back-end systems

Until now, the ones that have benefited from all of our online automation secrets and resources have been our Result-Driven Custom Website clients. Luckily for you, due to high demand I’ve decided to open up an exclusive one of a kind consulting program.


The Xtreme Automation Consulting Program

Xtreme Automation System

The Xtreme Automation Consulting Program is a revolutionary business program solely focused on enhancing your company’s brand and automating every aspect of running your business.

The automation techniques you will learn are the same techniques Fortune 500 Companies use to keep overhead low while maximizing profit.

These are the same techniques that have transformed our business and have allowed our clients to see 100%+ increase of leads and sales in less than 6 months.

But how do we do this you ask…

Meet Automation Consulting Sessions

Each Automation Consulting Session has a very specific purpose and it’s designed to dissect critical parts of your business in order to produce a customized Action Plan.

Company Structure

Departments, staff, online reputation, biggest issues, goals


Target audience, product categories, product types, order fulfillment

Backend Systems

CRM, billing, support, project management systems, 3rd party apps

Frontend Branding

Websites, Social Media, Print Collateral, Stationery, Other


Online marketing, funnels, automation, referrals, partnerships

Xtreme Automation Consulting Sessions

Company Structure

Find tools needed to make staff training and accountability more efficient
Ensure each department has access to the digital tools needed to perform their job
Figure out ways to solve the company’s biggest automation challenges
Increase staff efficiency by applying the latest workflow automation tools

Products & Services

Find ways to increase trust and engagement with target audience
Find innovative ways to present the product/services for maximum impact
Automate the entire order fulfillment process

Backed Systems

Increase the efficiency of each department by incorporating the latest technology
Consolidate as many 3rd party services to increase efficiency and save money
Decrease or eliminate double data entry by connecting software used by the company

Frontend Branding

Analyze website code, design & mobile responsiveness
Perform an Online Presence audit
Review Stationery pieces
Review any other digital assets


Produce marketing reports as needed on SEO, PPC, Analytics, etc.
Review any other Marketing campaign done by the company
Review campaign ROI and website analytics
Use the latest technology to increase client referrals & partnerships

Xtreme Action Plan

Final Session: Xtreme Action Plan

At the end of the program your consultant will explain and share a detailed Action Plan.

This plan will serve as a blueprint as it will show you the exact steps you need to follow and what resources/tools to use to start automating your business with predictable systems.

Why Xtreme Website's Automation Consulting?

Hrs. Automation Experience
Happy Clients
Websites Built
Leads Generated

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