New Client Area for 2021 and Beyond!

New Client Area for 2021 and Beyond!

Why we did it

We always pictured the client area to be a one-stop place for our client’s needs. A place where you could not only manage your services but also learn about the different ways you could expand and automate your business, without having to browse external pages or resources.

We had many clients who were confused with the many options available and would ask about new services which we do offer, however, were not easily accessible in our client area. Although we were aware of this, there were many technical challenges that we had to overcome in order to bring it all together in a seamless manner.

What changed

User-Friendly Design: Our designers and developers worked tiredly in order to make each page, section, and feature as user-friendly as possible. A UI/UX (user interface) designer has been allocated exclusively to the client area and will continue to enhance the user experience with time.

New Marketplace: A new and robust eCommerce section was added, allowing you to browse all of the new services you now have at your disposal. In the case of custom services, you can now learn all about it and access resources without ever leaving your client area.

New Features: New website and marketing audits along with related resources have been added in order to help you assess your digital marketing needs with tangible data.

Easy Access to Products: No more wondering where the login page for your product is or even what the name of the service is called, now everything you have and access to it, it’s always at your fingertips.

Much More: The entire client area has been redone from the ground up, EVERY SINGLE line of code has been well-thought-out for performance, increase usability, and user satisfaction. As you browse, you will soon realize not only the big changes mentioned but also other subtle but surprisingly cool features ?

What was dropped

In order to make some of the new features and enhancements a reality, we had to make the difficult but wise decision to drop or stop offering certain services and features which did not make the cut. These are as follows:

Domain Management: We will not offer the ability to buy/sell/transfer any new domain effective immediately. Instead, we will work directly with your external domain on Google Domains. Given the fact that most (if not everyone) has a Google account, a Google domain is easier, faster, and cheaper to setup than any other provider. Although we recommend Google domains we will also setup any DNS records necessary for your domains attached to our websites. This change does not affect/apply to your current active domains you have with us as we will still service the domains already on our system.

Email Management: We will not offer the ability to buy new Business and Enterprise emails effective immediately. Instead, we will invite you to setup a more robust Google email for business accounts. Given the fact that most (if not everyone) has a Gmail account, a Google email is easier, faster, and has more features than any other provider. This change does not affect/apply to your current active emails you have with us as we will still service the emails already on our system.

SSL Management: Technology has changed, while before there was a need to setup and pay for additional SSL certificates to run on HTTPS, now ALL of our websites come with a free SSL certificate, therefore there will not be a need to buy or manage any new SSL certificate.

Password Manager: Although a password manager is a requirement in today’s digital world, having a password manager inside our system provided greater risk to sensitive data access/leaks. Moreover, this warranted the need to manage multiple password managers for our clients which was not effective. Instead, we ask you to use a dedicated and robust 3rd party password manager like LastPass or Roboform to store and access your Xtreme login credentials. This way you can manage everything yourself from one secure place only YOU have access to. Existing login credentials will stay on your account until further notice; however, we ask you to make the switch asap.

Multi-User Access: This was a tough one since we had praises from some clients, while other clients complained that some users should or should not have access to certain information about their account. In order to make some of the dynamic and advanced new features a reality, we had to let go of this feature. The new client area will provide you with access credentials for your account, there will only be one login and it is up to you IF and how you want to share it with your team.

Migration details

Access: The new client area can be accessed now at, while the old client area and all its old features can still be accessed at The old client area will be active for at least ONE more year, at which point we will inform you of its ultimate disablement.

In order to access your new client area, simply login with your same email and click on “forgot password” in order to get an email prompting you to create/reset your new password. Please save this new access on your Password Manager for faster access.

Services: All of your active services have been successfully migrated over to the new client area. While the correct and current service status will appear on your new client area, services on your old client area will appear as “terminated” in order to avoid double billing.

Payment Methods: All of your primary payment methods have been successfully migrated over to the new client area and assigned to your active services. Your billing will not be affected at all and will still comply with our Payment and Billing Procedures. Please note that if you edit your payment method on the old client area, this will not affect the new client area, as these are both different websites.

Support: Effective immediately, all new support queries will need to be requested from the new client area. While old support tickets can still be accessed on the old system, new queries can only be done through the new system.

2021 and beyond

Indeed 2020 was a very difficult year for business owners (including ours). Instead of retracting or cutting back amidst the storm, we made a conscious team decision to invest heavily in our client experience. For most of last year our entire team was quietly working on this new baby (actually it took 9 months just like a baby ?) We knew and realized that the industry was changing and business owners needed our services and help more than ever to succeed online.

This new platform marks an important milestone in the rebirth and growth of the Xtreme Websites team. While the new changes are exciting and better than before, this is only the beginning as we have many new exciting surprises for you throughout the rest of the year (stay tuned for that). This by far has been the biggest online project we have ever given birth to, and we hope that you get to enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

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