Compare Top Web Design agencies on Clutch

Kensington, MD - Xtreme Websites, the top all-in-inclusive web design agency in the DC Metro Area, announced today their official partnership with Clutch - a B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm in Washington, DC. Clutch main focus is to connect small and mid-market businesses with the top best-fit digital marketing, design, development, software and web design agencies in their metropolitan areas. Companies are ranked based on an algorithm that includes the reviews, as well as an abundance of secondary factors [...]

Xtreme Websites Recognized as “Top Digital Marketing Agencies In D.C.”

This press release was published on Yahoo Finance and NBC12 on July 17,2017.Xtreme Websites is Proving that Their Unique All-inclusive Approach to Digital Marketing is Helping Businesses of All Sizes Leveling the Playing Field Online. This is why They've been Recognized as One of the, 'Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Washington D.C.' by Upcity.KENSINGTON, MD / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2017 / Xtreme Websites, the all-inclusive web design and online marketing agency in the DC Metro Area, has been named as [...]

Spring Fresh 2017 Client Dashboard

Xtreme Websites welcomes Spring with a Fresh New Look! On April 3, 2017 Xtreme Websites officially released a completely renovated and interactive client dashboard which will not only utilize the latest technology in the industry but most importantly help provide a much better client experience with new exciting features that are set to make our client’s experience simpler and streamlined. At Xtreme Websites, we listen to client’s feedback and it’s no surprise that this renovation was the result of previous client [...]

Optimize Your Listings For Search With Google Attributes

“Today’s explorers receive intelligent and direct answers when they search. Nowadays, whether you search for a musical, a person, or a place — you get intelligent answers back.Google wants to give searchers intelligent, accurate, and complete answers. And it knows your business isn’t just defined by when it’s open or where it’s located. Adding Google My Business Location Attributes to your Google listings can not only help Google give your customers the intelligent information they seek, but can help [...]

Google My Business Analytics is Here!

Starting today, our Local Business Listings' customers can access Google My Business account analytics directly from their Single Point Dashboard. For the first time, you’ll be able to see your Google My Business performance across all your locations, all at once, and all in one place.New insights into how customers are engaging with your Google listings create unprecedented opportunities for you to make more informed decisions about where you buy local ads, how you staff and schedule certain locations, in which [...]

“Best Web Designers in Washington DC” Awarded to Xtreme

This press release was published on AbNewsWire on June 6, 2016. Xtreme Websites Wins “Best Web Designers in Washington DC” Award Kensington, MD - Xtreme Websites, the top all-in-one website design and online marketing agency in the DC Metro Area, announced today that it has been granted the “Best Web Designers in Washington DC” Award, bestowed by Expertise – a company in charge of curating top talent in across the United States."Our authors connect readers with industry advice and trends, so [...]

New Client Dashboard Launch! (2016)

Xtreme Websites is about to launch the biggest overhaul of its life! On March 3, 2016 Xtreme Websites is releasing a completely renovated and interactive website which will not only utilize the latest technology in the industry but most importantly help provide a much better user experience for current clients and visitors alike.This renovation is not like most where the look and feel of the site changes, but every design and text element has been carefully planned to help users find [...]

Latest Video Statistics you Don’t Want to Miss

Learn the latest Video Statistics that show why videos are changing user behavior and how you can benefit from it.As you can see, times has changed. Gone are the days when people used to sit to read the news via a newspaper or when phone books were used to locate local businesses.We are in an era where there is information overload as we get bombarded with emails, articles, ads, etc. on a daily basis. Is because of this that the [...]

How Much Does a Website Cost?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re doing research for a new website. Is your company a small business that’s looking for a foothold on the internet? Is it an E-commerce site that’s badly in need of an upgrade? Are you a marketing director for a large enterprise looking to increase reach and revenue? Maybe a non-profit who needs a web presence to more effectively communicate your mission and message? Xtreme Websites has worked with all of the above. [...]

Google Change now Rewards Mobile Optimized Websites

Is your Website Mobile Optimized?The #1 Search Engine in the world Google made a game changer announcement on April 21, 2015 that affects all website owners. In summary Google now favors websites that are mobile friendly or responsive. In other words if the user has to zoom in and pinch all the time just to be able to read your content, chances are your website will not show up on Google search results. Even if your website did before it [...]