Google My Business Analytics is Here!

Google My Business Analytics is Here!


Starting today, our Local Business Listings‘ customers can access Google My Business account analytics directly from their Single Point Dashboard. For the first time, you’ll be able to see your Google My Business performance across all your locations, all at once, and all in one place.

New insights into how customers are engaging with your Google listings create unprecedented opportunities for you to make more informed decisions about where you buy local ads, how you staff and schedule certain locations, in which markets you expand, and more — all without leaving your Single Point dashboard.

Strategies you can use with Google My Business Analytics

Omni-channel Strategy Building
Learn where local brand penetration is highest, and adjust your media buying accordingly, with new Google Search insights. Observe where consumers are clicking from to reach Google Search and Map Views insights, and adjust your segmentation based on what you discover.

Media Campaign Attribution
Running a national or local ad campaign? Improve the accuracy of your attribution calculations by factoring in Google Searches, as well as Search and Map View insights. Leverage these, along with Customer Actions insights, to assess campaign performance and consumer behavior.

Staffing & Scheduling Optimization
With Google Phone Call insights, understand exactly when and where (i.e. which of  your locations) customers are calling — so you can ensure your locations are always appropriately staffed, no matter the holiday or season.

Location Openings & Closings
Looking to expand or downsize your locations? Gain a better understanding of local market needs with Google Average Driving Distance insights. Plan expansion properly by measuring how far consumers are traveling to your doorsteps.

Stakeholder Education
Keep your organization’s stakeholders, from store managers to franchisees, informed of their locations’ Google listing performance with help from custom, automated reporting.


Analytics Ins & Outs

Searches: Learn how consumers are searching for you — and whether they use branded or unbranded search terms — when discovering your locations.

Search & Map Views: Gain visibility into exactly where consumers are searching — on Google Search or Google Maps.

Customer Actions: Understand consumer behavior — including how many visit your website, request directions to your location, and call you directly from your listing.

Phone Calls: See when, and how many, consumers click to call your locations directly from your Google listings.

Average Driving Distance: Determine how far users are traveling to visit you on a location-by-location basis.

Lastly, Google Updates will be pushed in real-time, meaning you’ll get notified about Publisher Suggestions the moment they come through.


Ready to Tap into Google My Business Analytics?

Simply ensure you sync your Google MB Account and
you will start seeing the new GMB analytics.

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