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On average, 75% of visitors will abandon your website due to credibility concerns. Procuring the “As Featured On NBC, CBS, ABC” recognition through Press Release Marketing will help you enhance your conversion rates, retain customers, and boost your credibility.

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Featuring the “As Featured On NBC, CBS, ABC” statement, a proven trust element, is an essential component that can elevate conversions and generate more sales. By reaching an expansive audience on these influential sites, you stand to significantly increase your visibility and social proof.

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Attract Potential Customers

Attract Potential Customers

Draw in potential customers to your website by featuring on high-traffic news sites. Each publication serves as a preface, introducing buyers to your brand and offerings, warming them up before they navigate to your site through our strategic Press Release Marketing tactics.

Achieve Top Ranks on Google

Our press releases frequently land on Google’s first page for your target keywords, channeling more traffic towards your site. Links from these reputable news platforms are viewed by search engines as high authority endorsements, helping you elevate your search rankings.

Social Media Verification

Social Media Verification

Our strategically crafted articles establish you and your brand as public figures of interest, paving the way for social media verification. Countless clients have leveraged our Press Release Marketing stories to secure verification on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Boost your Sales

Drive higher sales with the integration of our customizable “As Featured In” trust badge on your website. This badge has been proven to enhance conversion rates by up to 48%, fostering trust and legitimacy among your site visitors, a key feature of our Credibility Boosters™ service.


Ready to Amplify Your Business Exposure?

Embrace the benefit of reaching to an extensive pool of potential customers, all for a low one-time investment.

Here is How we Amplify your Brand

Content Creation

Our seasoned professional writers meticulously craft the perfect news story aimed at heightening your brand’s reputation. We follow a methodical writing process tailored for each client.

Content Distribution

We further augment this by publishing your news story on high-traffic and authoritative news sites, sparking interest in your brand through our Public Relations Services.

Get Tangible Results

You’ll receive a comprehensive report with “as featured on” trust badges and corresponding links. Revel in the heightened exposure and interest we bring to your brand.

Press Release Marketing Packages

Secure features on leading news sites to draw visitors and generate potential customers for your website, all achievable through a one-time investment.


Pay once, "As Seen On" Forever

For a low one-time fee, you can enhance your conversion rates across all your digital assets

Your website

Your Book

Social Media

Business Cards

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee the publication of your article across our extensive network of authoritative news sites, including affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC, as part of our comprehensive Press Release Marketing and Public Relations Services.

However, if for any unforeseen reasons, your article is not published on the mentioned news networks, simply reach out to us. We assure you a quick and polite refund without any hassle.

Leverage the Power of Established News Platforms

Tap into the vast readership of our established news partners. Their high Google ranks assure quality engagement for your business.

Press Release Marketing FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about Press Release Marketing and Public Relation Services.

Credibility Boosters™ simplifies the journey of getting your news stories featured on some of the most impactful news platforms, offering access to an ample network of news sites that are generally tough and costly to reach.

Our team of expert writers curate SEO-friendly content that highlights your brand and draws a broader audience. Our Credibility Boosters™  service assures a fast and seamless publishing experience, all at a budget-friendly cost.

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The standard turnaround time for most clients revolves around 7 business days, though this duration might vary based on the chosen writing and publishing packages. You can find specific delivery time estimates for each package directly on our order form.

Our Writing Packages are structured to deliver your news story within 2-3 days from the moment your order is placed, with any necessary revisions typically attended to within 24 hours.

With our Publishing Packages, the entire process is estimated to take about 5 business days. This timeframe starts when you place your order and ends upon the delivery of your comprehensive report. It's important to note that if the news story submitted doesn't meet our writing standards, there might be some delays.

We also offer Publishing Add-ons that can potentially extend the processing time by an extra 1-4 business days, depending on the specific add-on you opt for.

The news sites we collaborate with usually keep articles live between 3-24 months. For the best SEO outcomes, we suggest ordering at least once every quarter.

Several major news sites like Business Insider, AsiaOne, and Newsmax employ do-follow links. However, numerous news outlets including Benzinga and Street Insider utilize no-follow links.

We have numerous clients who were initially concerned about nofollow links. But after observing the positive impact these links have on their search position, they are usually content to continue ordering monthly. Here's what the leading SEO experts say:

Yes, you can promote affiliate links. However, we cannot include direct affiliate links within the article itself. You should have a landing page containing your affiliate link.

Popular Package

This publishing package is suited for most of our clients and includes 200+ news sites, including affiliates of major news sites like FOX.

Alternative Package

This publishing package is better for topics such as Cryptocurrencies, Supplements, Alcohol, Dating, etc. This package includes 250+ news sites but does not include FOX.

Authority Package

Only our 6 highest authority outlets, perfect for SEO improvement.

Ultimate Package

The Ultimate exposure & reach, this network includes all news outlets for the best results.

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