Warning: Prepare to Be Challenged

If you’re looking for a cushy job or internship where your ideas go unquestioned and your work is always viewed as genius – keep looking!

At Xtreme Websites, we hire people who are creative thinkers and problem solvers at heart. Life and projects are full of obstacles; we decide to focus solely on creative solutions and efficiency instead of micro-managing.

We’re a passionate, close-knit group that works hard because we believe in what we’re doing. (But we also know how to kick back and have some fun.) So if you think you can handle that, check out our open positions on the right

What we stand for

  • We live & work with integrity.
  • We never stop improving & learning.
  • We communicate openly & respectfully.
  • We put the team’s success above our own ego.
  • We encourage work-life balance.
  • We encourage creative thinking and efficiency.
  • We always do our best – mediocrity is boring.
  • We give back to our peers, clients & community.
  • We love what we do.
  • We do what we say we’ll do.

Our Departments Include

Graphic Design

Content Writing & PR

Web Design & Dev.

Video Production

Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Why should you work at Xtreme Websites?

Competitive compensation

Paid industry training courses & events

Network with business professionals in different industries

Fun & relaxed environment

Interesting projects that excite & inspire

Great support from the technical team and management

Think you have what it takes?