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From: Roberto Diaz – Founder & CEO of Xtreme Websites

Re: Why some businesses dominate with digital marketing while others follow

Dear Business Owner,

It is crazy how FAST technology is changing our daily lives. Just look around you and you’ll see how dependent we’ve become on the internet and search engines to find what we want, including online products and local services.

Working with hundreds of businesses, small and large, I’ve witnessed how difficult it is for a lot of business owners to adjust and incorporate the advancements of technology and digital marketing strategies to their business operations. What is worst, many are experiencing a decline because of it.

“In today’s world, if you are not innovating and automating your business, you are falling behind! If not ask Blockbuster.”

You see, it pains me to see when business owners:

Waste hours trying to solve a problem with their hosting provider trying to understand CNAME records, MX records, nameservers and more.

Gave up on their website after having many bad experiences with their freelancer web developer.

Find out about a website firewall and a CDN until after their website gets hacked and their reputation plummets.

Not implementing digital marketing strategies because they don’t want to manage 5+ software and contractors.

Hiring a marketing person and spend more on salary, benefits and taxes than the profit they generate.

Fill out form after form on paper to transfer client data to your system. (scanning and shredding doesn’t save much time either)

Having their assistant learn HTML so he/she could add some updates to the company site. (chances are he/she is not a web designer so the work will show that)

Spend countless hours adding stuff to their website and have no visitors show up (worst off, having no idea about their website analytics)

Spend hundreds (and thousands) of dollars a month and not knowing exactly what was the conversion rate and ROI of their marketing.

You are about to meet your new best friend ….

An Xtreme Automation Freak is waiting to help you run your business on Auto-Pilot better than Tesla

This is me:

I’m the founder and CEO of Xtreme Websites, an all-in-one website design and online marketing agency. With the help of my small but dynamic team we’ve lead the company to emerge as one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the DC Metro Area.

Contrary to some people’s belief, I’m not a web development guy, design guy, or marketing guy. I’m an automation freak! I got into this business because I love using technology and predictable systems to automate all parts of my business. It’s in my blood.

For the past 6 years we’ve worked tirelessly analyzing and deploying dozens upon dozens of automation systems, business software, website branding, online marketing tools and more to help our business and our clients’ to:

  • Unique Professional Image

    Get a unique, top-of-the-line digital experience

  • Increase Online Leads

    Automate Online Lead Funnel System

  • Increase Conversions

    Increase Conversion Rate of product/service Sales

  • Increase Marketing ROI

    Increase the Rate of Return of Marketing Strategies

  • Save Money Consolidating

    Save thousands of dollars a year on 3rd party systems

  • Increase Employee Efficiency

    Free employees from boring repetitive tasks

Until now, only Large Corporations and Fortune 500 Companies have benefited from our Top of the Line websites and multi-channel marketing strategies. Luckily for you due to high demand, we’ve created a one of a kind All-Inclusive Digital Marketing Program.


The Xtreme Domination Program

The Xtreme Industry Domination Program is a revolutionary All-Inclusive Digital Marketing Program jammed packed with all of the digital marketing services your company needs, in order to become/remain one of the top players in your industry locally.

The digital marketing strategies you will have access are the same strategies Fortune 500 Companies use to keep overhead low while maximizing profit.

These are the same strategies that have transformed our business and have allowed our clients to see 100%+ increase of leads and sales in less than 6 months.

What’s Included

Fully Managed Result-Driven Websites that Convert Visitors to Leads

Responsive Web Design

responsive web deisgn60% of global mobile consumers use the mobile device as their primary internet source. Making your website responsive is no longer optional!

All of our websites are fully responsive and adjust to whichever device it is viewed on. No zooming, no Pinching, No Glasses!

Your  new website will look and perform to the fullest whether it is viewed on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phones.

Fully Customized by Experts

digital marketing3

Designing and Developing a Result-Driven Website require considerable amount of research, resources and unique strategy.

Your new website will act more than just a website, it will become a digital asset for your business, which you can count to educate and sell 24/7.

By combining the latest web design, user experience and competitive analysis, our designers and developers will produce a one-of-a-kind website, which will be updated constantly with only one goal in mind… get you more results!

Content Management System

CMS websiteEditing the Content of your website shouldn’t be difficult or worst, take forever! – Once your website is complete, you will have total control over the content.

With our Online Content Management System (CMS) you will be able to edit the content and images of your website 24/7 without any technical knowledge.

If you have a lot of extra content to add and prefer an expert hand, simply let us know and our designers will add it or modify the design layout accordingly.

Initial SEO Optimization

on page seo, search engine optimization, seo
In today’s competitive environment, having an SEO optimized website is no longer an option.

Your audience is looking for you, however in order to be found, your website needs to meet the minimum requirements set by the Top Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You can rest assured knowing that your website will be SEO optimized with various strategies that are proven to improve your rankings and visibility.

Detailed Website Analytics

website analyticsKnowing how your website is performing at all times is an essential part of getting leads online. With so many metrix to track, it becomes increasingly difficult for the average website owner to understand how their website is performing.

Performance Tracking is one of our client’s most beloved tools, as it is very user friendly and allows you to have full access to your website analytics and know important KPIs such as:

Total SiteTraffic, Traffic Source, User Engagement, Visitor Geo Location and much more.

Web Form Conversion Tracking

Xtreme Conversion Funnel“Conversions” will become your new favorite word! Conversions occur when your visitors arrive at your site, whether it is from social media, email marketing, content marketing, etc. and fill up a contact form on one of your landing pages.

Besides getting an immediate email notification with the lead details, you or your staff will also be able to manage all incoming leads on your Award Winning Dashboard.

Web Conversion Boosters

conversion boosters

Conversion Boosters are a powerful suite of website personalization tools to help you create individualized, one-to-one user experiences that increase customer conversions.

Engage site visitors by displaying customized actions at exactly the right time, and watch your conversion rate soar!

We had a 50% increase in conversion by simply adding a Conversion Booster that triggered a notification bar during our PPC Campaign.

Stefano L. - Co- Owner of Dent Pros

Award Winning Dashboard

We can assure you, you’ve never seen anything like our Award Winning Digital Marketing Dashboard. After years of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars in development costs, our developers were able to produce a Dashboard that brings ALL of your digital media assets, metrix and reports under an exquisitely designed and user friendly Dashboard.

I’ve seen a lot of website and marketing dashboards before but never like the one you guys have. It is so engaging that I actually want to track my metrics almost every day!

John M. - Owner of AJ Buys Cars

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All Inclusive Peace of Mind

Leave all of the technical details to us, and do what you do best – Run your business!

Fully Managed – Multi-Platform Digital Marketing Strategies that Increase your Brand’s Exposure and Sales

It is not easy to thrive on the current digital age, most businesses are hard to find online, have a bad or no online reputation and are not maximizing social media. Our Online Reputation Suite helps you solve all these issues under one platform.

Listings Builder: Syndicate your business across 50+ Online Directories, Search Engines, Review Sites & GPS Systems.
Online Reviews: Be PRO-active, not RE-active with your Online Reputation by controlling and automating the review generation process.
Social Marketing: No more shooting blind, strategize & automate your Social Media reach with a robust social marketing platform.

Online Reputation

Search Engine Optimization

While the top Google listing still gets about 1/3 of all clicks, the organic results earning the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spot now receive the other 63% of the clicks, leaving only 4% of clicks for anything lower.

In today’s digital world, your business can’t afford not showing up on the first page of the search engines. Our SEO services focuses on improving your SEO rankings through various key strategies that are proven to improve your rankings on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Unlike conventional ads, Facebook allows you to pinpoint your target demographic and exclude everyone else. Your message only gets shown to people who are truly interested in your products or services. Moreover you can reach potential customers and engage with existing customers in the same platform.

We take care of selecting your audience. You can advertise based on age, location, interests, income, and more. Then create compelling ads designed to convert and then drive this traffic to a custom landing page where they can buy your product/service.

Facebook Ads - Facebook marketing

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